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NVIDIA Leads Workshop on GPU and HPC Innovation at MasterPeace

MasterPeace was thrilled to host Dr. Larry Brown, a Sr. Solutions Architect with NVIDIA, and manager of the Federal Solutions Architecture team, and Matt Penn Senior Data Scientist on the Solutions Architecture team for a technology workshop focusing on Nvidia High Performance computing products and their applications to Cyber security. Dr. Brown led a very insightful discussion on the origins of NVIDIA's graphics engine, leading up to their current position as market leaders in accelerated computing. Technology product focuses included everything from a credit card size GPU for embedded systems, to powerful GPUs that have been used to create some of the largest HPCs in the world at locations such as the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Mr. Penn led the second half of the workshop on software products that help enable GPU processing power and speed and facilitate accessibility from an array of common programing languages such as Python and Java.

He also held a demonstration of NVIDIA's Cyber Log Accelerator and their Morpheus Cyber Cyber Security Framework, which enables developers to create high performance AI pipelines for filtering, processing and classifying large volumes of real-time network data to detect threats and implement adaptive real-time defenses.

Technology leaders from MasterPeace’s Machine Learning capability team had a great exchange with Matt about the modeling techniques used in the Morpheus framework, BERT (Google’s Bidirectional Encoder Representations) and came away with a greater understanding of technologies relevant to MasterPeace's internal efforts.

We look forward to continued engagement with NVIDIA and their technologists to solve our customers' problems or to power new MasterPeace startups.

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