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Unique Benefits


At MasterPeace Solutions, we strive to provide the best benefits package available to our employees. MasterPeace provides the opportunity to chart your own course including opportunities to move easily among over 40 different contracts, learn new skills, develop new technologies, and start your own company without typical startup risks. Our unique business model allows us to offer all employees equity in MasterPeace and MasterPeace spin-off companies. This equity can build wealth for our employees and is unmatched in our market. 


Our bonus program offers a unique ability to not only generate sizable cash incentives, but also significant directed investment that our employees are empowered to deploy against specific initiatives. On top of these unique benefits, we also offer a range of more traditional benefits that compare favorably with the best in our industry. We believe that investing in our employees, and making their well-being a priority, is the formula for a happy, healthy, sustainable company. 

MasterPeace Stock Program

MasterPeace offers an unmatched opportunity for wealth generation:

  • Stock Options - Most companies in our market do not focus on equity participation, because equity in services company typically only generates wealth for the major business owners. MasterPeace is different. Stock Options in MasterPeace and spin-off companies created through MasterPeace LaunchPad track more closely to Silicon Valley startups than traditional East Coast government services companies. This means the equity grants that all employees receive can be truly wealth creating.

  • All employees participate - Every employee at MasterPeace receives equity in MasterPeace Solutions. They also receive matching equity in every spin-off. This means over time, our employees build equity in a portfolio of exciting, high growth, technology companies.

  • Employees that help our start-ups earn even more – Employees that participate directly in our startups or support the startups via our Capability Teams earn additional equity. This allows us to truly reward contribution and create win-win recognition.

Unique Self-directed Investment Program  

MasterPeace offers our employees the ability to fund their own investments:

  • MasterPeace has a unique referral bonus program that provides both a competitive cash bonus and self-directed investment hours. This allows our employees to take advantage of training, participate in Capability Teams, or start/join a start-up of their own. This program demonstrates MasterPeace commitment to providing creative win-win investments in our employees. 

Additional Bonus Programs

MasterPeace offers additional cash incentives:

  • Spot Bonuses for going above and beyond, which lead to impactful revenue contributions to MasterPeace

  • Training bonuses for obtaining additional certifications in defined MasterPeace Solutions areas

  • Anniversary Bonuses awarded at 5, 10, and 15 years of service as a reward for demonstrated sustained commitment to the company.

Paid Time Off

PTO is based upon position and years of experience. PTO accrues monthly. Additionally, MasterPeace offers flexible options for PTO cash out.


Compensatory Time

MasterPeace offers a “Comp Time” program for billable staff, subject to contract terms and conditions, so that employees can accrue additional time off. Each week, eligible hours in excess billable target can be banked as “Comp Time” to be used as future time off. 



Each full-time employee gets 10 floating holidays each year which can be used for traditional holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or flexed based on individual choice.    


Additional Leave Types

  • Bereavement is provided for immediate family (father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, children, grandparents, parents-in-law).

  • Jury Duty

  • Family Medical Leave: Employees may take paid/unpaid leave in order to attend to their own or a dependent’s medical issue. 


Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Plan Options


MasterPeace offers employees medical, dental and vision coverage. 

Medical Insurance

MasterPeace provides four plan options tailored to employee specific needs, including national options, family options, and an option that is no cost for individual employees. MasterPeace’s commitment to our employee’s health is demonstrated by the fact that we have been able to offer these choices to employees without increasing the employee cost for the past 6 years, and running. All medical plans have an included prescription drug benefit.

Other Benefit Options


Disability Insurance (Principal)

Short-term Disability

Provides the employee no cost short-term disability for accidents or illnesses.  


Long-term Disability

Subject to Qualifications and Limitations, should an employee be unable to return to work after short-term disability coverage ends, MasterPeace provides long term disability at no cost to the employee. 


Life Insurance & Accidental Death and Dismemberment/ADD (Principal)

Employees receive Company-paid life and accidental death & dismemberment in an amount equal to 1X the employee’s annual salary, with minimum coverage of $100,000.  Employees may add Supplemental Insurance at their own expense. Supplemental insurance is available for the employee, their spouse, and their children; enrollment levels over the Guaranteed Issue limits are subject to carrier underwriting and approvals. 


401(k): Retirement Plan 

All eligible employees can contribute up to 70% pre-tax of their base salary (to applicable IRS limits).  MasterPeace also provides an annual contribution for each employee, regardless of whether the employee contributes to the 401k plan or not with 100% immediate vesting.  Additional details can be found in the 401(k) Plan Summary. 


Educational Assistance 

MasterPeace reimburses employees in pre-approved matriculated programs for undergraduate and graduate level courses.


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