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Careers and Company Philosophy

At MasterPeace our approach to technology and career values guides our corporate philosophy. Our mission is bringing significant innovations into the world and improving the safety and way of life for ourselves and society. We focus on attracting top technical talent and unleashing their creativity by providing opportunities to grow and develop, including unique opportunities to create and be owners in technology startups as part of MasterPeace LaunchPad accelerator. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has done a great job of articulating our technology philosophy.
In addition to our technology philosophy, we believe Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement are keys to innovation, and we have developed specific programs and platforms to support these objectives.

Be the Very Best Government Services Company as Measured by Employees 


MasterPeace provides an environment for intellectual stimulation and growth, and seeks the most interesting and challenging problems. 

  • Use the latest tools and technologies 

  • Act upon your ideas and imagination 

  • Work with other top engineers, often with complementary skills 

At MasterPeace, we hire in focused disciplines relating to Cyber, Mission, and Enterprise Engineering: 

Full Stack & Enterprise Application Development

Embedded Development & Reverse Engineering

User Experience Design

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Offensive and Defensive Computer Network Operations

Cloud SecDevOps

Continuously Learn and Improve

Our training and development focuses on these vital fields. It enables us to build tailored learning platforms that are applicable to our engineers. We help build career paths that are not solely dependent upon a contract, but predicated upon our engineer’s interests as they intersect with future demand and company growth. You can learn and develop expertise in new technologies, mentoring and training and then qualify for work you want to explore in the future. You can influence your career as opposed to being constrained by your experience.

Enhance Job and Career Stability 

We believe that stability is based on several factors: 

  • Viability of our skills in the open market 

  • Depth of capabilities in high demand/low supply problem domains 

  • Ability to win more business in areas of our interest and marketability  


At MasterPeace, we are focused on ensuring our engineers have opportunities to benefit from each of the above factors and have institutionalized these elements into our business plan. In the last 12 months, MasterPeace Solutions has grown 16% in size, from 57 to 66 on-contract, customer-supporting, personnel with an overall company attrition rate of just 6% that includes the COVID Pandemic period. Additionally, we did not lay-off a single employee due to lack of work.


  • We have always developed and won far more business than our company can fulfill. 

  • Presently we have on average approximately 3-4 openings available for every engineer we have on our team. 

  • We have a pipeline of numerous new contracts and tens of millions of dollars of potential business. 

  • We have created a solutions and product pipeline which we expect will generate superior profit margins for the company in the future, enhancing our ability to retain, develop, and reward our team members. 

  • We are focused on work which leverages the latest emerging technologies, keeping our engineers on the cutting edge of skills development. 

  • We only go after high demand problem areas with the likelihood of great future demand. 

  • By employing the “best and the brightest engineers” we can qualify for and select the most interesting work with the highest potential ROI. 

Demonstrate, Measure, and Celebrate Success 

If you contribute more, you should reap greater rewards which match your contribution. We also believe that if the company wins, employees should win. We are not a commodity services business and provide differentiated services, solutions and products to our customers. This enables us to enjoy somewhat higher pricing which is passed along to our engineers. The company’s ultimate value is to generate income streams and wealth from solutions and product development and this value is shared with the MasterPeace shareholders and employees.  

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