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Technical Competencies  

MasterPeace creates innovative solutions for real world problems.  

Full Stack & Enterprise Application Development

Embedded Development & Reverse Engineering 

Capability Teams 

Our Capability Teams form the foundation of our technical excellence and provide our engineers with learning opportunities and hands-on experience in emerging technology. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Cloud DevOps/Sec DevOps

Offensive and Defensive Computer Network Operations 

User Experience Design

Touchscreen Computer

Full Stack & Enterprise Application Development 

Our engineers are experts in many aspects of software development – from Big Data to Mobile app development;
they are experienced in Open Source stacks, their components, and software technologies.  


Full Stack Open Source Stacks 

  • Elastic (ELK) Stack 

  • TIG Stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grifana) 

High Performance Analytics 

GPU enabled and large cluster configurations in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MicroSoft ® Azure 

Software Technologies  

  • Golang 

  • Java 

  • Kotlin 

  • Python 

  • Scala 


Legacy Languages  

  • C/C++  

  • C# 

  • Ruby on Rails 

Big Data  

  • Terabyte to Petabyte datasets 

  • IO  

  • Storage 

  • CPU intensive problems 

Storage Management  

  • SQL 

  • NoSQL 

  • Graph 

  • Document 

Knowledge Discovery  

  • Jupyter Notebook 

  • Apache Zeppelin 

  • Python 


Embedded Development & Reverse Engineering 

Our Embedded Development engineers create solutions for Digital Signal Processing, Software Reverse Engineering, Real Time Software Tools, and Secure Wireless Communications. Our engineers understand the nuances of processor communication, communication protocols, and memory management and how to optimize their performance. 






Capability Teams 

Computer Processor

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) 

Our AI/ML Team are experienced engineering practitioners with deep theoretical knowledge of ML science. The team builds complex applications driven by ML algorithms developed in Python and using frameworks such as Google’s TensorFlow. The team uses ML services of AWS, Microsoft® Azure, and Google to host a team sandbox for training and competitive events like Kaggle challenges. 


The AI/ML Team supports and adds value to our SpinCo’s, including Zuul, a Cyber Security company. ML technologies were used for advanced network defense, analyzing network data in real-time and applying clustering techniques to alert on nefarious network traffic.  

All team members have advanced degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computational Linguistics & Deep Science. 15% of MasterPeace engineers participate in this growing team. The director of this team is an active member of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and works to ensure ML technologies have a positive impact on social justice. 

Cloud DevOps/Sec DevOps 

Our Cloud SecDevOps team supplies best-in-class cloud automation and migration services to Government and commercial customers. They handle the creation and management of our corporate cloud infrastructure and provide cross-cutting support to our SpinCo’s. The team provides scalable, secure, and cost-efficient resources from the top cloud service providers. They also integrate security tools and testing into our SpinCo’s continuous development and integration pipelines. 


Service offerings are being developed in three areas:  

  1. Design practices for resilient multi-cloud environments

  2. SecDevOps maturity assessments 

  3. Design practices for resilient multi-cloud environments


The team has a deep understanding of infrastructure virtualization and automation products such as Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Rancher, and Openstack. We have active partnerships with the cloud teams from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. These partnerships and a robust training curriculum ensure our Cloud SecDevOps are the “go to” experts.  

Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations (Purple Team) 

Our Purple Team are experts in Cyber Security and network security assessment practices. They secure our network from threats and ensure compliancy with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. They also advise our SpinCo's on Cybersecurity best practices and test their products and services. The Purple team builds service offerings for repeatable vulnerability assessments using tools such as Kali, Metasploit, and Ghirda.  

 All team members have degrees in Cyber Security, with more than 50% holding advanced degrees in specialties such as Digital Forensics, Electrical Engineering, and Cyber security. The team maintains skills and certifications, such as CISSP & Security+, with in-house instruction and strong relationships with companies such as Point3 and Cyber Sniper Research.  

User Experience Design (UXD) 

The User Experience & Design Team creates user-centered experiences for MasterPeace and our commercial SpinCo's. UXD is engaged throughout the development of products, including branding, design, user research, usability analysis, and front-end coding. They are a diverse group of designers and engineers focused on understanding user needs, design thinking, and building accessible user interfaces.  


UXD uses industry-best practices and user insights to create high-value prototypes and user interfaces for mobile, web, and Enterprise applications. They are recognized experts in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) tools and technologies such as Adobe XD, Axure, Angular, React, Ionic, Flutter, and more. 

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