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MasterPeace Acquires Full Suite Solutions (FSS), Brings Proven Business Model and Expertise

MasterPeace is pleased to announce the acquisition of Northern, Va.-based Full Suite Solutions (FSS), a provider of software and services to Northern Virginia intelligence community clients. FSS Co-Founders, Paul and Cait von Schnetlage, will remain with the company in a leadership capacity and will support the integration of these two people-centric businesses. MasterPeace’s expansion into Northern Virginia will address critical workforce skills gap with an innovative platform that focuses on providing engineers unmatched opportunities to develop their skills and remain on the cutting edge of the technology curve.

For the last decade, FSS has been committed to the defense and security of our nation’s most high-risk organizations. Together, MasterPeace and FSS will continue to do great work for their contracts, while also providing all engineers with personal and professional enrichment. Engineers will have the opportunity and leadership support to follow their dreams, nurture their creativity, and even create their own technology companies through the MasterPeace LaunchPad accelerator. Engineers will be presented with opportunities to do the work they want, in the environment they want and develop the skills they want, while supporting missions and customers they believe in.

To ensure a smooth transition, MasterPeace Solutions has hired Jeanine Callahan as the Senior Vice President of MasterPeace Technology Services to lead the FSS integration and MasterPeace expansion to Northern Virginia. Jeanine has supported the Intelligence Community for over 30 years and has extensive experience maturing and scaling small and mid-sized businesses. Most recently as Vice President of Corporate Operations at Plus3 IT Systems and previously Chief Growth Officer at Eagle Ray, Jeanine is also a board member on the Intelligence National Security Alliance (INSA).

“We are not the typical government services company. Our success stems from putting our people first and focusing on being a great partner to our primes,” said Drew Cohen, President and CEO of MasterPeace Solutions. “We are excited to work with Paul, Cait, and the entire FSS team and offer their engineers access to more assignment mobility and choices for career development. With the addition of Jeanine, we will have the leadership bandwidth to integrate FSS and MasterPeace and realize synergies for our clients and employees.”

MasterPeace will include FSS in its technology-focused capability teams, including: Machine Learning/Big Data Analytics; Full Spectrum Cyber and Network Operations; User Experience and Design; and Cloud DevOps. This will extend and enhance MasterPeace’s current capabilities while simultaneously making their integrated competencies available to a broader set of clients and missions. Customers will benefit greatly as the combination of these industry luminary filled companies join forces.

“Working with the MasterPeace team is an exciting opportunity for us at FSS,” said Cait von Schnetlage, Co-Founder of FSS. “MasterPeace doesn’t just say their people are their number one priority, they demonstrate it, by attracting the best and most innovative minds in the area, allowing them to have the freedom to do what they are most passionate about while also supporting government services projects. MasterPeace has the scalable infrastructure for important contributions to the betterment of National Security from both public and private sectors, while embracing every employee for the unique skills and abilities they bring to the table. We look forward to leveraging their expertise in this fast-paced and growing industry.”

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