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Inclusion and Engagement

MasterPeace is committed to bringing the best talent from every walk of life, providing the resources to grow and engage, and have some fun as well.


We believe Diversity and Inclusion broaden our perspectives and are key enablers for Innovation. We always put our people first. Our employee lead Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Social and Event Committees provide forums for diversifying our outreach, engaging and giving back to our communities, and having fun.


These committees reflect our core values. It’s not a coincidence that MasterPeace has been named a BBJ Top Ten great place to work to for the last 4 years

Vision Statement

To make MasterPeace a place where diversity is celebrated, which creates an environment of collaboration, inclusion, and free flowing thought; therefore making MasterPeace a thought leader within the STEM community in Central Maryland.


Mission State 

To further cultivate and establish an environment where differences are celebrated and utilized to promote the advancement of the company; and further establish a fun, inclusive environment where people of different educational backgrounds, levels of experience, neurodiversities, religions, sexual orientations, genders, skill sets, race, health status and personality types can all thrive and excel.

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