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Our Mission

MasterPeace and our technology artisans make a difference by focusing on the increasing convergence between critical government cyber and intelligence missions & commercial IT security needs. Our services business supports the most important agencies and organizations and their most critical programs and projects.

MasterPeace LaunchPad provides our engineers the support they need to create new innovative commercial cyber and technology start-ups.



Our Focus

Startup Team


We are designed to attract, retain and develop the very best “Smart Creative” engineers and provide an environment for them to grow, thrive, collaborate, and develop their inner artistry.

  • We exclusively hire top engineers. We look to hire the top 20% and skew towards the top 5% of technical talent. 

  • We create an environment that encourages collaboration and engagement.

  • We focus heavily on training, development, mentoring and hands-on lab work with emerging technologies to help our engineers build the career path they desire.


MasterPeace is aligned with the technology trends driving the Internet Century. The combination of Moore’s Law and Metcalf’s Law have incentivized product companies to increasingly put all the world’s information online. This movement has rapidly proliferated a variety of computer devices and form factors from PCs, phones, and tablets to cars and everyday devices such as thermostats and lightbulbs; and turning every device into a sensor. At the same time, the emergence of cloud computing makes supercomputer resources available on demand to all, everywhere, at any time.

The result is that technology is changing businesses of all types, on a global scale. However, this is only effective if technology can be both trusted and secure. 

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