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Comcast's Dr. Jan Neumann Talks Machine Learning at MasterPeace

MasterPeace was proud to host Dr. Jan Neumann, the Executive Director of Machine Learning at Comcast, on Wednesday, August 18th, for a discussion on how Comcast uses machine learning, and how MP engineers can apply successful processes with both our government and commercial customers.

Dr. Neumann discussed his approach to creating and deploying innovative machine learning solutions for large-scale problems as the AI & Discovery Team Lead for Comcast, and his experience applying those strategies across disparate endeavors from Xfinity Voice Remote to Media Analytics. Topics including leveraging cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing techniques to meet customer needs, the cyclical machine learning production process for deployments, and the challenges his team has had to overcome to achieve the level of success they’re experiencing today.

MasterPeace would like to thank Dr. Shaun Gittens, who facilitated the event. MasterPeace engineers who attended the presentation, including members of the Machine Learning Capability Group, asked questions to help enhance their experience using with ML as both government services developers and commercial startup entrepreneurs. Highlights included a deep dive on Comcast’s experience actively applying ML in the creation of their voice activated search system, and outlining the size, scope and roles of Dr. Neumann’s technical team, including the importance of having a robust system architecture.

We enjoyed hosting Dr. Neumann for what was a very informative evening discussion!!!

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