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Individualized Professional Development 

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) – A cornerstone of our training methodology is tailoring the training and development program to address the needs and aspirations of each individual engineer. These individualized plans are developed in collaboration sessions with each engineer, over breakfast, lunch, or even a beer throughout the year.


We conduct 1:1 meetings between the engineer and our Director of Engineering and or CEO. This personal attention by MasterPeace leaders ensures the company is committed to delivering our training and development promises. 

MasterPeace’s training philosophy is focused on enabling our engineers to realize their highest potential and is completely aligned with their individual aspirations. We combine traditional training techniques with real-world, hands-on project work, peer and mentor coaching.  All these activities are tailored through our Individual Development Plan process. 

MasterPeace Career Path

Typical Government Services
(Non-MasterPeace) Career Path



Technical Work

Services Career Path naturally transitions from Technical to Management
and becomes constrained

  • Technology Services Market

    • Predominantly non-technical and driven by workforce Management needs

    • Driven by the underlying "Services Pyramid" Business model

  • ​Career advancement - Trends away from technical to

    • ​Staff & People Management

    • Business Development

    • Proposal and Capture

    • Program Management

  • ​Career advancement is inherently competitive as the Service Pyramid narrows

MasterPeace Engineer Focused Career Development Path

MasterPeace Career Path Optimizes
Technical Skills and Affords true
Technical Leadership Opportunities

Develop Technical Skills
Achieve higher Market Value & Services Compensation

Develop Technical Entrepreneurial Skills

Attain Technical Leadership Positions

At true technology companies

(offers unbounded career opportunities - not available in a services pyramid

  • MasterPeace Model

    • Aligned to creating the best Technologists

  • In the services business this means

    • Investment and Staff development as Technology leaders on the most highly valued Technologies (which tend to be the newest)

  • In the Products and Solutions business, this is aligned to true Technology Leadership

    • Driven by innovation and scalable Value Creation and increasing returns inherent in technology invention

    • Entrepreneurial Technical Leaders e.g., CTOs and CEOs

    • Highest wealth generating segment of our society e.g., Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt

  • ​Career advancement is fundamentally unbounded, limited only by our ability to innovate

Traditional Training  

MasterPeace offers our engineers personalized access to a wide range of online training including the full O'Reilly library. MasterPeace also supports training through a combination of MasterPeace in-house training and support for classroom training through our tuition support program. 


Hands-on Training 

MasterPeace’s training approach goes deeper than traditional training, by offering our engineers access to a range of practical opportunities. Our Capability Teams form the foundation of our technical excellence in emerging technology and offer opportunities for our engineers to learn the latest technologies on relevant real-world projects.  

Peer and Mentor Based Collaborative Education  

MasterPeace understands that training is an inherently collaborative discipline. Our Individual development Plans allows us to create alignment between engineers for both peer-based training and mentor-protégé training. Our bonus program incentives mentors to seek out and work with protégés on a wide range of initiatives, creating a true win-win learning environment.  


Technical Deep Dives  

These sessions offer the ability to explore specific technology in depth, share ideas and insights, and get to know each other. MasterPeace hosts bimonthly technology deep dives. These sessions are usually hosted by a MasterPeace engineer, along with a panel of internal and external speakers, focusing on a technology of interest, in an informal setting. 


Technical Conferences 

We understand that technology is a community effort, and that conferences and related industry events are a great way to stay current, connect with leading technology experts and vendors, and bring back external information that can be shared with fellow engineers. MasterPeace works with our engineers to support the greatest participation in conferences by creating win-win scenarios. We cover the costs and expenses associated with conference attendance, but we do this in partnership. We expect the engineer to bring back content from the conference and share that at upcoming Technology Deep Dive. Even better, we help get our engineers' roles as conference presenters. 
By requesting a presentation after the conference, we know our engineers engage and retain more of the conference content making the conference more valuable for them and for MasterPeace. This is another example of our partnership approach that is baked into everything we do.

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