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MasterPeace Spring All-hands Meeting Demonstrates Our Value Proposition

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

MasterPeace employees and guests gathered last week for the company’s twice-annual corporate update. Starting with CEO Drew Cohen’s acknowledgement of the extent of MasterPeace engineers’ impact supporting a range of Government missions during a time of war overseas.

· Technical Services SVP Jeanine Callahan illustrated that MasterPeace has active contract work in across a broad mission space with access to nearly 300 open positions for both MD and VA customers, including over 15% with telework options. An average of 50% of MasterPeace engineers take advantage of internal career mobility opportunities on an annual basis, to advance their technical expertise, increase their value and enhance their own compensation.

· The MasterPeace Engagement calendar is full of events to gather, socialize and learn. Our events are open to anyone interested in learning more about MasterPeace; we invite candidates and encourage employees to bring guests! Some highlighted events:

o Our Social Chair shared the details of our much-anticipated Holiday Party, held this year shifting to May 21. An evening of dinner and dancing awaits attendees and guests at Grand Occasions in Laurel, MD.

o The Co-chair of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee invited the attendees to our first Juneteenth event, a dinner and movie gathering at the Wayline (6721 Columbia Gateway Dr.) on the evening of June 17.

o Director of Engineering Bill Olsen will be kicking off a new MasterPeace LaunchPad cohort to support emerging startup companies created by our engineers this May. With focused sessions and team coaching, the program caps off with SpinCo Demo Day in early November.

· Bill Olsen also announced the creation of a new Technology Capability Team focused on SW and Emerging Technologies (SwET). We also heard updates from our established Capability Teams: AI/Machine Learning, Full-Spectrum CNO, DevOps Cloud and UX.

· Our Director of Finance and Operations led a celebration of customer and internal employee recognition. The meeting ended with detailed highlights of one of MasterPeace’s successful technology startups, Zuul Inc., and distribution of stock option grants in MasterPeace, Zuul, and 2 other SpinCos to all employees.

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