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Unleashing Creativity and Enabling Innovation 

Our LaunchPad provides a platform that combines creative ideas with technical resources, experienced leaders, and a purpose-built start-up ecosystem to launch new businesses. 


Ideas and Brainstorming Workshops 

Early in the process we develop ideas through collaborative brainstorming workshops. During these sessions our engineers are encouraged to participate in creative activities that imagine new technology solutions. Participants test out new ideas that can lead to new technology startups and form teams around the best ideas. 


Lean LaunchPad  

Core to our accelerator, MasterPeace’s Lean LaunchPad provides fundamental training and support to our portfolio companies, inspired by the Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf. Each cohort completes the Lean LaunchPad course and receives customized training in the following areas: 

  • Business Models & Customer Development 

  • Problem-Solution & Product-Market Fit 

  • MVP and Product Concepts 

  • Customer Relationships 

  • Building a team 

  • Revenue Streams and Costs 


MasterPeace Leadership and Capability Team Support 

The leadership team at MasterPeace is directly engaged with our portfolio companies, providing mentorship, business development, and executive recruitment. They are active in all aspects of the development of each portfolio company as they emerge from concept through spinout.  

Our Capability Teams provide expert support to each of our SpinCo's. Whether it is branding, rapid prototyping, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, or cloud automation services, they have it covered.  

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