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Rising Engineer Profile: Christina Russo

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Christina joined MasterPeace in the Summer of 2019 with Computer Science Degree from Loyola University Maryland where she was a stand-out leader as President of the Cyber Security Club and a National Security Scholars Program recipient. Christina is currently a software engineer working on a mission critical system and has made a significant impact over the last year in the following areas:

· Mission Success: Christina has worked long hours to meet deadlines and deliver capabilities to the users.

· Teamwork: Christina is a go-to team member who can always be counted on to work through any issues and help the team improve their performance.

· Technical Excellence: Christina has been cited by her government leadership and prime as an outstanding engineer with the ability to create new features with high quality code.

In celebration of her impact, Christina is the recipient of MasterPeace’s inaugural Hero's Award, for her relentless teamwork and commitment to mission capability delivery. Christina is a continuous learner, a smart creative, the kind of engineer that MasterPeace attracts and retains. Christina is pursuing a M. S. in Data Science at Loyola and we look forward to her future success as a MasterPeace engineer and Hero!

“My favorite thing about MasterPeace? That's an easy question,” says Russo. “Their willingness to listen and outstanding commitment to communication is what makes them stand out above the rest. Whether it's a business plan, a curious question, or a spontaneous idea, the people at MasterPeace always make time to listen to the voices of their team.”

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