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MasterPeace LaunchPad: An Innovation Factory


MasterPeace Solutions has built, and is constantly improving, a system and associated infrastructure to unleash the creativity of our engineers, create new solutions and products, and subsequently develop these into independent, stand-alone, properly funded and managed businesses. We call this innovation factory MasterPeace LaunchPad.  Our innovation process starts with our hiring, retention and development of Smart Creative engineers and is supported by an infrastructure that provides assistance in idea generation and refinement, solution and product creation, and new business maturation. Our Centers of Excellence, training programs, proximity to compelling problem domains via our services business and partnerships, availability of the newest tools and technologies in our Cloud Lab, and access to our “Blue Sky” collaboration site, provide the foundational elements of our innovation factory infrastructure. We fuse our superior technical talent and support infrastructure with a team of executives who have successful Silicon Valley technology experience, Investment Banking and Venture Capital experience, start-up business building experience, and Advanced Technology Intelligence Community and Cyber Security services experience to enable the transition of ideas into businesses. As these new Solutions and Products mature, we employ the MasterPeace LaunchPad accelerator, a separately funded entity, to provide the critical financial resources and commercial connectivity to effectively transition our innovations into compelling high Return On Investment commercial enterprises.


Centers of Excellence
Cloud Lab
Cyber Accelerator
Our Engineers
Our Engineers develop Innovative products and solutions


"Smart Creative"



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Idea Generation

Solution and Product Company


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