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Paul Gentile 

Advisory Board Member


Proprietor of a professional consulting firm specializing in developing strategic direction; M&A identification and due diligence; customer and industrial base relationships within the NSA community; new business opportunity identification, qualification, and capture; Black Hat reviews; cost volume strategy and preparation; proposal color team reviews.  Serves on the Board of Advisors for several companies supporting the NSA.


Paul Gentile served as a Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Security Solutions Business Unit (BU) within the Mission, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions (MCIS) Group at ManTech.  The Security Solutions BU encompassed ManTech’s cyber portfolio to include the components of Cyber Network Defense, Operations and Exploitation as well as the company’s NSA portfolio. The organization contained more than 900 employees with annual Revenue of approximately $420M.  As the General Manager for this Profit and Loss center, he was responsible for the strategy, management and leadership of its divisions and the development of new business opportunities and capture, Revenue growth and profit.  During his tenure, ManTech became one of NSA’s Top 10 contractors.


Previously at SAIC, Paul was a Senior Vice President and Deputy Business Unit General Manager (BUGM) in the Integrated Systems Group.  The Integrated Systems Group developed and integrated high-end intelligence solutions that supported a wide range of customers in the United States and abroad. These solutions optimized the tasking, processing, exploitation, and dissemination of critical information, making it highly actionable to stateside and deployed military and government users across the entire national security spectrum.  The organization contained about 3,400 employees with annual revenue of approximately $1.3B. 


Before that, Paul was a Senior Vice President and Director of Program Development for the Cyber & Information Solutions BU.  In this role, he was responsible for the development and dissemination of the BU’s strategic plan, Business Development, to include account management, captures and proposals, mergers and acquisitions and investments to include B&P, IR&D, Capital Expenditures and discretionary Overhead Spending.  Prior to that, Paul was a Senior Vice President and Deputy BUGM in the Cyber & Information Solutions Business Unit.  His component of the organization was responsible for the execution of programs that focus on systems and software development and deployment, signals processing, operational software sustainment, information technology infrastructure modernization, electronic records management, small scale production and intelligence analysis primarily in support of the National Security Agency (NSA).  The organization contained about 1,300 employees with annual revenue of approximately $525M.  Prior to his role as the Deputy BUGM, he was an Operations Manager responsible for portions of the Business Unit’s contract profile for the NSA.  During his tenure, SAIC became the number one contractor providing services to the NSA.


Prior to joining SAIC, Paul was employed at Raytheon and held several positions there since August 1984.  His last position was as the Vice President of Technical Services at SilentRunner, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon, where he was responsible for Sales Engineers, Security Consultants, Training, Customer Support, and IT.  Previously, as Vice President of Business Development and Operations, he played a key role in introducing SilentRunner into both the Commercial and Federal marketplaces, as well as providing direct leadership in the support of existing and new clients.

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