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Our Mission Domains


MasterPeace Solutions applies its technical capabilities primarily, but not exclusively, towards four pronounced mission domains.

Cyber Security

MasterPeace Solutions possesses distinct engineering capabilities, and has developed discrete solutions in our National Security Applications Center, targeting the CyberSecurity problem domain. This includes capabilities in CyberSecurity Analytics and the entire CNO discipline.

This area, defined by the CyberSpace and Information Operations Study Center as Computer Network Operations, is comprised of computer network attack, computer network defense, and related computer network exploitation enabling operations.


  • Computer network attack. Actions taken through the use of computer networks to disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information resident in computers and computer networks, or the computers and networks themselves. Also called CNA.

  • Computer network defense. Actions taken through the use of computer networks to protect, monitor, analyze, detect and respond to unauthorized activity within Department of Defense information systems and computer networks. Also called CND.

  • Computer network exploitation. Enabling operations and intelligence collection capabilities conducted through the use of computer networks to gather data from target or adversary automated information systems or networks. Also called CNE. 

  • Network warfare operations (NW Ops) are the integration of the military capabilities of network attack (NetA), network defense (NetD), and network warfare support (NS). The integrated planning and employment of network warfare operations along with electronic warfare operations (EW Ops), influence operations, and other military capabilities are conducted to achieve desired effects across the information domain. Network warfare operations, when employed with other information operations, ensure our forces operate in a protected information. 

    • Network attack (NetA) is employment of network-based capabilities to destroy, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp information resident in or transiting through networks. Networks include telephony and data services networks.

    • Network defense (NetD) is employment of network-based capabilities to defend friendly information resident in or transiting through networks against adversary efforts to destroy, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp it.

    • Network warfare support (NS) is the collection and production of network related data for immediate decisions involving NW Ops. NS is critical to NetA and NetD actions to find, fix, track, and assess both adversaries and friendly sources of access and vulnerability. The mission of NS is immediate defense, threat prediction and recognition, targeting, access and technique development, planning, and execution in support of NW Ops.


MasterPeace Solutions’ CyberSecurity Engineering experts are helping our customers win the war against CyberCriminals, CyberAttackers, and CyberTerrorists. We are actively involved in software reverse engineering, malware analysis, operating systems modifications, CyberSecurity tools development, etc.

Our CyberSecurity Thought Leadership group aggregates the top minds in the problem domain and informs our development of Solutions and Products generated in our lab.

Information Assurance

MasterPeace Solutions has experience in most elements of Information Assurance/Information Security, including:

PKI, Identity authentication, Systems Security Vulnerability Auditing and Analysis, System Security Architecture Design and Development, Systems Risk Management, and Network Security/Intrusion Detection Engineering.

National Security Mission Systems

MasterPeace Solutions employs world class systems and software engineers whose experience enables them to assist in architecting, designing and developing Mission Systems for the Intelligence Community. We have deep experience in Cybersecurity, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Voice Processing Collection and Dissemination, Cryptography, GeoSpatial, and allied Mission Systems.

National Security Enterprise Systems

Our Enterprise Systems area is directly connected to our Utility Computing Center of Excellence (CoE). This center is focused on applied research, design and development of solutions related to to the transformation of the Enterprise. It combines technology thought leadership in the areas of Enterprise Systems Engineering (ITIL, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, etc…), Storage Management, Server side Life Cycle Systems Integration and Support (Unix, Linux, Windows based solutions), and commercial cloud offerings (AWS, Azure, Google Compute) with practical hands on experience working with critical government data centers and infrastructure.










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