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Gail Phipps

Senior Member Advisory Board


Gail is Lead Executive for CACI’s Strategic Intelligence Special Projects. This comprehensive position includes assisting in the identification, evaluation, and post-acquisition integration of CACI acquisitions; providing Intelligence Community “outreach” to increase awareness of CACI within the IC; supporting the pursuit of selected business development activities; and assisting in CACI’s program-level quality assurance initiative, especially in terms of executive review and analysis.

Gail joined CACI in 1999 as Executive Vice President of one of its largest business operations. Through March 2007, she managed over 2,000 staff and more than $350 million in revenue. Her organization led the company in developing solutions for enterprise information/knowledge management, justice and homeland security, multimedia and language, and national intelligence. The group has made CACI an industry leader in knowledge management; document conversion (imaging, electronic and optical character recognition) and document exploitation; records and case management; intelligence analysis, system and application development; systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support; multimedia productions; system integration and life-cycle litigation support.

Gail provides more than 35 years of experience and demonstrated success in support of CACI’s growth strategy to transition its core capabilities and technologies into new client areas. Before joining CACI, Gail held key positions at TRW/BDM, COMSO, Computer Sciences Corporation and Litton, as well as a seven-year assignment with the National Security Agency. At TRW, she was Deputy Director for the National Security and Information Technology Group. Her organizations were responsible for the engineering, design, integration and implementation of network-centric architectures and migrating client enterprises to more powerful and open environments. Prior to TRW’s acquisition of BDM, she was VP of BDM’s Intelligence Division, where her responsibilities included profit and loss, business development and operations management.

Her clients have included the Intelligence Community, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Patent Trademark Office, U. S. Air Force, Department of Interior, National Labs, and the Department of Commerce. She began her career as a certified data systems analyst and crypto-mathematician with the National Security Agency. Currently, she is a member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), the AFCEA Intelligence Committee, and Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) organizations.

Gail and her husband Bob live in Virginia. They have four daughters and three grandchildren.

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