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MasterPeace Career Path

Typical Government Services
(Non-MasterPeace) Career Path



Technical Work

Services Career Path naturally transitions from Technical to Management
and becomes constrained

  • Technology Services Market

    • Predominantly non-technical and driven by workforce Management needs

    • Driven by the underlying "Services Pyramid" Business model

  • ​Career advancement - Trends away from technical to

    • ​Staff & People Management

    • Business Development

    • Proposal and Capture

    • Program Management

  • ​Career advancement is inherently competitive as the Service Pyramid narrows

MasterPeace Engineer Focused Career Development Path

MasterPeace Career Path Optimizes
Technical Skills and Affords true
Technical Leadership Opportunities

Develop Technical Skills
Achieve higher Market Value & Services Compensation

Develop Technical Entrepreneurial Skills

Attain Technical Leadership Positions

At true technology companies

(offers unbounded career opportunities - not available in a services pyramid

  • MasterPeace Model

    • Aligned to creating the best Technologists

  • In the services business this means

    • Investment and Staff development as Technology leaders on the most highly valued Technologies (which tend to be the newest)

  • In the Products and Solutions business, this is aligned to true Technology Leadership

    • Driven by innovation and scalable Value Creation and increasing returns inherent in technology invention

    • Entrepreneurial Technical Leaders e.g., CTOs and CEOs

    • Highest wealth generating segment of our society e.g., Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt

  • ​Career advancement is fundamentally unbounded, limited only by our ability to innovate

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